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Welcome to INTEGRUS UK

Integrus is a GLOBAL TRAINING COMMUNITY which delivers Leadership Skills and Business Success courses which are delivered

FACE-to-FACE... the UK, USA, Mexico, Spain, and Malaysia through our Centre of Excellence locations, 
delivered in multiple languages (English, Spanish and Mandarin)


and ONLINE..., all of our courses are also delivered online with video consultancy support by our team of Inspirationalists globally so
wherever you are in the world, Integrus can help you...

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Integrus uses proven Behaviour Style methodology based on DISC

  • We apply it with our innovative Colour Focussed techniques
  • We use processes which uniquely extend it to YOU, your Leadership Skills, 
    your Business, your Products AND your Customers
  • Integrus helps you create that Winning Edge over your competition
  • ...and develop a Life Blend so you can reclaim that lost family time.

Visit Our Success Circles

Pop along to learn more about Integrus at our fortnightly Success Circles

Each meeting is packed with:

  1. Business Generation
  2. Teamwork Support
  3. Relationship Building
  4. Expert Learning

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Opening soon in London, our Success Circle is being developed under the leadership of SUE WILLIAMS.  Location to be announced soon


Our UK Inspirationalist LINDA GALE leads the Reading-based Success Circle, where members celebrate Business Growth & Learning every 2 weeks


Co-Founder CLAIRE HAWKES invites you along to find out more about how Integrus can help YOU improve your life
AND your business..!


Pop along and say "Hello" to ANN BARKAS - the Inspirationalist at our Centre of Excellence in Newcastle. 

more information here

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Let Julian and the UK Team share their knowledge and experience to help grow your business - AND your skills..!

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Future Meetings

See Our Events in London, 
Reading, Birmingham & Newcastle.  
Regular meetings every 2 weeks

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Discover Your Colours

Whether they are right or wrong, others will perceive you in a certain way - and that can be a real barrier to your success.
Find out how YOU can be more successful - simply by understanding how to communicate differently...


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