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introducing integrus

Successful businesses are people focused. Understanding what makes you and others tick is essential to a thriving business. At Integrus, we determine your personality ‘colour’ through a thorough personal analysis, highlighting key behaviours and traits that allow us to work together utilising the 12 Integrus Keys to Success™, developing your people, business and leadership skills.

Founded by Peter Sylvester, “The Harley Guy”, Integrus has grown from a collection of ideas to a truly unique movement of like-minded people across the globe. The movement is transformational in its approach to creating better lives for the people who embrace the Integrus culture & philosophy.

the integrus philosophy

Integrity is our core.

We encourage integrity-led thinking – asking business people to improve as people first, to THINK successfully, and then apply our proven ‘keys to success’ program to increase their business.
Our personality colour analysis is vital to understanding relationships – within both business and personal life. With understanding comes growth, allowing for successful goal setting and development of leadership, business and personal skills. Think Colour – Think Integrus.

the integrus structure

Each Centre of Excellence is run by an Inspirationalist – an integrity-based business professional with excellent leadership skills.

The Inspirationalist develops a team of Consultants & Trainers – working within their community to bring success, leadership skills and connections to their members.